Two data visualizations via Voyant

final voyant1.JPG

This visualization is called Cirrus. It is a basic word cloud displaying the frequently used words. I make the terms of 25, which are top 25 words occurring more frequently. The size of words refer to the frequency of its occurrence. Larger means more frequency, the rest can be done in the same manner. For instance, hashtags #metoo movement, target audiences containing women, girl, or teenage, and media practitioner such as Pence, frequently appear in this topic.


final bubblelines.png

Bubblelines visualizes the frequency and repetition of a word’s use in a collected works. Each document in the collections is represented a horizontal line and divided into equally length. It also indicates the word’s frequency in the corresponding of text. The larger size of bubble’s radius presents the more frequently the word occurs. In this graph, green line represents the teenage, pinkish purple is our topic “sexual assaults,” the blue means #metoo movement, the forth one represents children, and the last one refers to women.

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